Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PostHeaderIcon 50 Blog Tips very useful

  1. write something that you love

  2. if you are serious about blogging buy your own domain

  3. make sure your domain is equal to your blog name

  4. use a short and easy to remember name

  5. blog with consistency

  6. write at least 5 post a weak

  7. proofread

  8. proofread one more time

  9. interact with other bloggers

  10. leave a meaningful comments

  11. leave a funny comments

  12. participate in online forum

  13. put a link on your signature

  14. customize your blog template

  15. simplicity is the way to go

  16. leverage social bookmarks

  17. consider joining a blog network

  18. write "Top 10 " List

  19. use tags

  20. list your blog on directories

  21. ask question to your readers

  22. use sense of humor

  23. be generous

  24. encourage readers to subscribe

  25. use "series" fo post

  26. return comments

  27. return link

  28. use readable fonts

  29. break long post in more parts

  30. be yourself

  31. use rss reader

  32. read many blog as possible

  33. use meta tag

  34. create value for your readers

  35. place ads wisely

  36. be patient

  37. submit your article to directories

  38. share what has work for you

  39. share what has not work for you

  40. link with other blog as possible

  41. make easy for visitors to contact you

  42. use title effectively

  43. offer email subscriptions

  44. offer useful tool or resources

  45. write with a personal touch

  46. become an expert in your niche

  47. use simple color

  48. participate in blogging projects

  49. list your best articles

  50. mention your sources or references

PostHeaderIcon Ten Commands of Web Design

Ten Commands of Web Design

  1. The user must know what the site about in seconds: If a visitor can not figure what your site is about in a couple seconds, he will probably just go somewhere else. Your site must communicate why I should spend my time there, and FAST!

  2. Do not use fancy fonts that are unreadable: If your main objective is to deliver a message and get the visitors reading your stuff, then you should make the process comfortable for them.

  3. Do not open new browser windows: Let the user control where he wants the links open. There is the reason why a browsers have a huge " Back" button. Do not worry about sending visitor to another website, he will get back if he wants to.

  4. Do not resize the user’s windows: The user should be in control of his browser. If you resize it you will risk to mess things up on his side, and what is worse you might lose your credibility in front of him.

  5. Do not require a registration unless it is necessary: Do not force them to register up and leave their email address and other details unless it is absolutely necessary

  6. Do not overuse flash: apart increasing the load time of your website, excessive usage of flash might also annoy the visitor.

  7. Do not play music

  8. Use css over html tables: HTML tables were used to create page layouts. With the advent of CSS, however, there is no reason to stick to them. CSS is faster, more reliable and it offers many more features

  9. Make sure users can search the whole website: there is a reason why search engines revolutionized the Internet. You probably guessed it, because they make it very easy to find the information we are looking for. Do not neglect this on your site.

  10. Use text navigation: text navigation is not only faster but it is also more reliable. Some users, for instance, browse the Internet with images turned off.
Monday, April 14, 2008

PostHeaderIcon The Beautifull Header

This header is designed by sergej g in russia.

This header is designed by Michal Bronka from Szczecin, poland. This design so cool, you can use it for your blog.
Friday, April 11, 2008

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